Director’s Statement

If you are reading this, wow. Your dedication shall be rewarded with ramblings from my brain while I listen to smooth jazz, trying to get through this EPK. I never thought I’d get to make “Condom Sense.” A few weeks before we shot it, I didn’t think it would work. I self funded it, I called my dad, his friends, people from high school gave me money. It was an exhaustive list. During the shoot, I called my dad for extra money and he hung up the phone. I checked my email and saw a new donation for the exact amount I needed for extra time. As a gay man, God has blessed me significantly.  

Since High School, my friends and I were obsessed with the sex toys. I still can’t change my PayPal name because we created in high school to buy [redacted] a dildo and myself a Fleshlight (tbh it should have been a Fleshjack but you knew that). The workers were always so cool. Never in your business, super helpful. Truly inspiring. So in college after I took a writing for the feature and writing for television, I did okay but not great. I think I got a C in both. I thought about what is my best idea. I had a writing for the web series class. My teacher was an actual tv writer (shout out Jessie Miller, he wrote an episode of “Community”, it was the only good college class I had). He really supported my idea, I wrote six episodes and got an A. 

Because I’m unfortunately from the generation that grew up on “The Kardashians” and not “The Brady Bunch” sitcoms that look like “The Office” After Lately and as of recently “Abbot Elementary” have the ability to grab my attention. We shot “Condom Sense” during the height of backlash for the new show “The Real Friends of WeHo.” As a drag queen who’s auditioned for Drag Race three times, I understood where the audience was coming from. If it’s fake drama, make it campy, make it funny.  I also don’t know a show like this. Our target audience is gay clubs and drag queens but our main character is a Catholic woman looking to change her life. 

I hope this show can captivate not only it’s target audience (I said it before, the gays, lesbians, trans women, trans men and anybody fighting a society that doesn’t listen) but an open minded audience looking for a break from reality. I hope this show is your escape.

-Carson Taylor