Fun Facts

After reaching out to every adult toy store in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Calabasas, production found a sound stage with every scene location in one warehouse. So you’ll notice, there was not a single adult toy featured in the pilot episode. Since poppers were heavily mentioned, director Carson Taylor reached out to Double Scorpio who sent all of the bottles of lube and VHS cleaner feature in the episode. The boxes used were multicolored macaroon boxes. 

Vialee’s confessionals were the second to last scenes shot. Jenn Smith wanted a simple pink eyeshadow to go with the scene. Hair and makeup had cancelled last minute so director Carson Taylor did Smith’s makeup. Afterwards, Smith goes to the production bathroom and uses a random bottle of Dawn dish soap to take off the eyeshadow. She sits down for lunch and says to the team, “I believe that bottle of soap had bleach in it.” Thankfully, she was able to quickly rinse her eyes and was left with no chemical burns in the end. 

The part of Carol Andrews was written for a different actress. After ghosting a week before the shoot, casting coordinator Carter Irvin was able to bring on Calypso Jeté Balmain, winner of Season 1 of Legendary (formerly on HBO MAX before it was mysteriously taken off the platform, shady.) Calypso originally agreed to play the customer in the first scene. She pulled Taylor aside after the cast read though and said “I have an idea… I want to play Carol.”